Donating part of the proceeds to the Meals on Wheels COVID-19 Response Fund

to all U.S. addresses

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This is awesome! Great idea! We are getting this for my husband's old professor

(who absolutely abhors having to deal with technology). Thank you in advance for the laughs this will provide. :)


"I've been looking for a Zoom University sweatshirt since transferring, but this is by far the best design I've found!

Can't wait to wear it.

Thanks for the laugh!"


Thank you!

I am a pharmacy student and this made me chuckle & I needed that. Have a great day.


"Great idea for shirts! This is a good way to put a little joy into crazy, unknown lives right now. Also love that you are donating some proceeds to help senior citizens. Great price for a t-shirt, and great cause!!"


"I got one of these for my sister and she absolutely loves it. It’s super comfortable and she smiled as soon as she saw it. Thank you so much!"


"This is awesome! Someone is going to find one of these sweatshirts in their grandparents attic years from now and will consider it vintage!"